Fostering knowledge of the universe's mysteries.

UFO Hunters of America, Inc. has mobilized an elite team of minds across the industry, academia, and the nonprofit community with the goal of advancing our current understanding of unexplained phenomena and its implications on humanity. Our expert team believes there are epic discoveries within our reach, but we can only find them through the unrestricted support for our breakthrough research, innovation, and education.

Host of The UFO Woman Show Ufologist | Paranormal Investigator

RH- Blood Theorist | Author

Founder, Chairman of the Board & CEO


UFO Investigator | Paranormal Researcher | Staff Management

Board Member & Vice President Operations


Ms. Etman currently works in nonprofit management and has always maintained volunteer and community service involvement reaching out to those that she has a heart to help. Ms. Etman graduated from Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Co-Chairman of the Board


"Fostering knowledge of the universe's mysteries."

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